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Engineer’s Career Enhancement

(Mechanical, Automotive, and Manufacturing Engineers)

90 Mins

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11 AM

3 Years Career Plan


Your Mentor

Mr. Raman Baskaran Mechanical Engineer
25+ 𝗬𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗘𝘅𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲

What will you learn in the Training?

3 Axis Career Enchancement

3 Types of Career Growth

Efficient job search secrets

Powerful resume secrets

Value proposition practice

3 Years Career Enhancement plan

Benefits of Joining the training

Mentorship from Engineer and Entrepreneur

Becoming a Part of ONLY Engineering Community membership

Life Long Mentorship & Community Access

Assured Career and Life Enhancement

Proven Scientific Career Change process learning

Weekly Master class for All Aspects of life including your engineering and Technical Knowledge Enhancement

Who is this Training for?

Working Engineers Who Want Quick Promotions

Mechanical, Automotive, Production, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and  Shipbuilding  Engineers who wants to get quick promotions/salary hike

Working Engineers who want Job / Domain Change

Mechanical, Automotive, Production, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and  Shipbuilding  Engineers who want to get Job Change or Domain Change

Working Engineers Who Want to care the Career with the Health Too

Who want to Enhance Their Health Space to Take Care of their Career growth without Getting any Health Issues

Engineering Entrepreneur and Engineer who wants to become an Entrepreneur

Handholding by the team to start your entrepreneurship journey from scratch to launch the product/service. Multifold your Current business growth with expert team guidance on various aspects of the entrepreneur’s Life

Your Mentor

Raman Baskaran

  • Mechanical Engineer With 25+ Years of Rich Industry And Technology   Experience, Contributed to Saving 100s of crores of Rupees to our Nation by implementing import substitution projects.
  • Worked, Participated in Various Indian & International Projects
  • Actively Participated in Ashok Leyland DOST Vehicle Development Project from Design to Proto Building
  • Participated in India’s Arjun Tank Transmission Development Project.
  • Participated in Johndeer Development Projects USA
  • Recruited 1000s of engineers for many industries as a member of the recruitment team
  • Being part of the recruitment team Knowing the psychology of the recruitment and management team
  • Participated in Benchmarking Project for one of the major OEM Truck before the truck is launched in India
  • Do You Fear About Competing with Your Colleague And Boss From Premium Engineering Institutes?
  • Do You Want to Enhance Your Career And Life?
  • Do You Want to Manifest Your Life Ambition?

Then This Webinar is for you,
Come Lets Altogether Enhance our Carrier and Life


3 Step Formula to

  • Get New Job
  • Get Quick Promotion
  • Enhance Overall life
Learn By

Raman Baskaran


Our Engineers Testimonials

Mr.Raman Baskaran was my first manager. More than a manager he was like a mentor. He was a man of Engineering passion full of energy and enthusiasm.
During my tenure with him, he was continuously pushing me to challenge my limits. He ensured that I am always out of my comfort zone learning new skills and delivering challenging projects.
These learnings have helped me to perform better all along in my professional career.
I thank Mr. Raman Baskaran for his guidance and mentorship. I highly recommend that Mr. Raman Baskaran will be a great coach and mentor for the career growth of mechanical and automotive engineers.

Sadesh Kumar

I completed My M.Tech, Started my career as a techie in industry, but my performance was not up to the mark to satisfy my managers
Hi Engineers, My Name is Divya. I could not identify what is my problem and which button to press to make the situation better
I heard about Mr.Raman Baskaran and had 1 2 1 Consultation for my career growth, after the detailed discussion, I created my clear vision and mission, and I witnessed my self-transformation.
Based on the discussion and conclusion, He found my IKIGAI and directed
I changed my profession from industry to education,
His 3 years Career plan and 90 days of transformation action transformed me
I transformed myself under the guidance and plan laid down along with Mr.Raman Baskaran
And followed all his recommendations, and started new habits which led me to achieve my planned goal
I Thanks Mr.Raman Baskaran for his mentorship and guidance in transforming me
I highly recommend That Mr.Raman Baskaran is the right coach and mentor for engineers for their career growth

Divya Bharati

I started my career with Diploma In Mechanical Engineering, Can Anyone think, a person who started with Diploma can become a Vice President of a Major automotive corporate, Yes I did. With the Mentorship and Guidance of Mr.Raman Baskaran
Hi Im Nanda Gopal, from a very normal family background, I started my career as a CAD Engineer.
Luckily I met Mr.Raman Baskaran, His mentorship and continuous positive life approaches, I have completed my UG and Post Graduation in Engineering, parallelly his life coaching and habits-changing exercises made me focus more on my life goal instead of getting distracted by every shiny object.
Now, I am working as a Vice President at a Major Automotive conglomerate
His interest in engineer’s life enhancement is remarkable, I highly recommend mechanical and automotive engineers get mentorship from Mr.Raman Baskaran and grow their careers with a clear plan and perfect focused action to get the desired results

Nandha Gopal

Hi Engineers
I’m Sasikumar, my career path started with a lot of confusion and a hard road, one fine day I met Mr. Raman Baskaran for getting suggestions and guidance from him
To my surprise, his willingness in helping me was amazing, I charted out a very clear career path for myself with a complete SWOT Analysis
His Engineering and Life Coaching experience made me a new Sasi, and since then I have not seen any setbacks in my career path.
I have out beaten many of IITians in my career and got a lot of promotions in a very short period with a great salary hike.
Worked with various Automotive companies, and Now working as a GM in one of the Major Automotive companies.
I strongly recommend Mr.Raman Baskaran to Mechanical and Automotive Engineers for their career growth and life transformation

Sasi Kumar

Hi Engineers
My Name is Mayil Manikkam
One day, I got Pink Slip
I was frustrated, I lost my job, and I don’t know what to do.
Thinking about the future,
But suddenly I remembered Mr.Raman Baskaran, who was my supplier then.
Now I hear that he mentors Engineers for their career and life growth,
I spoke to him,
We have 1 on 1 meeting for just 2 hours, he made a very clear 3 years career growth plan and 90 days of
transformation action. I just followed his mentorship, his guidance removed all my fears, and he removed all my mental blocks.
I got a Better Job than the job that I lost with a better hike and better position. Since then I am in FastTrack, now heading the A manufacturing unit in Hosur
I sincerely and highly recommend Mr. Raman Baskaran as a mentor and coach for Mechanical and
Automotive engineer’s career growth

Mayil Manikkam

Hi, my name is Dinesh. I’m currently a design engineer at Scania, Sweden. Along my career I have been with Mr. Bhaskaran and had the privilege of being mentored by him. His guidance, support, and expertise had a profound impact on my personal and professional growth.
Through his mentorship, I gained valuable knowledge and skills that have helped me overcome challenges and obstacles in my career. His insights generally on life opinions and engineering has provided me with a fresh perspective of looking at any issues. We have had many indept conversations that has led to me learning a new perspective of things.
His has also motivated me to strive for excellence and pushed me out of my comfort zone to achieve my full potential. He has given me the privilege to learn his line of work and business knowledge. His mentorship have not only improved my technical skills but also my soft skills, like communication, leadership, and teamwork.
I have been grateful for hus mentorship, and it has played a significant role in my life transformation as a mechanical engineer and as a person. I would highly recommend his mentorship to others. Just have a quick chat with him, I’m sure you’ll be impressed. 
All the best.


Before you ask!

Webinar is 100% Live Online session, There won’t be any recording

Even though the certificate will be issued,
Your Results are your Real certificate, what you want to become, you will become That is your Greatest Self Accomplishment and proud to self to your loved ones

In comment sessions and weekly live meetings can give mentorship and directions

Yes, you can get access through your Laptop, Desktop, Tabs, and mobiles. The only advice is learning must be in the learning environment

Zoom / Google Meet will be the standard webinar platforms

Yes, 1 to 1 Meetings will be conducted with every member for their 3 Years of Career Planning

Yes, There are

  1. 90 days Career & life Enhancement challenges  
  2. Entrepreneur Journey for complete hand holding to become an employee to entrepreneur in your Passion Industry, Mentorship from A to Z
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