Back Story

It Was The Year 2005, One Of The Important Petroleum Refinery  Had A Big Issue In Getting Gas Turbines From OEM,

Which Is Critical For Their Operation

This Is The Second Order To Same Company

OEM Demanded Huge Money With Many Terms And Conditions.

As We Are Technical Consultant To Refinery, Then REFINERY  Maintenance Head Called My Boss For

Discussion To Solve This Issue.

My Boss Went To Meeting And He Came Back With No Solution Provided To REFINERY.

My Boss Sent One Of The Best Premium Institute Studied Senior Manager To Find The Solution

He Too Said We Cannot Give The Right Solution To Our Customer

This Was Discussed In Our Internal Meeting, I Requested My Boss To Give Me One Chance To Understand

The Issue To Find The Possibilities Of Doing Something.

Risk Part

I Visited Them, Discussed In Detail, I Gave Solution With The Risk Involved, I Said Just DO Own Design, They Have


1. How It Is Possible,

2. We Don’t Have The Technology To Develop,

3. We Cannot Manufacture This System In India,

4. Performance Cannot Be Guaranteed

5. Turbine Blades Are Very Critical In Design

6. Turbine Blade Cannot Be Designed

7. If OEM Consider Not To Supply

I Said, Sir, We Are Going To Design, But The Design Is Not To Manufacture It Is Only To Bring Them To Our Negotiation Table Because No One Loses The Huge Order, They Are Not Mad To Loose The Order, They Are Only Underestimating Our Skill And Power.


Anyway We Are Going To Buy, Let Us Try This Method, I Will Take The Responsibility To Develop Them Very Quickly

I Said I Will Give You The Solution,

1. Took Glass Fiber Mold 13 Stage Turbine Blades

2. Made Cavity

3. Again Molded Turbine Blade From The Cavity

4. Laser Scanned The Turbine Blades

5. Made Complete Turbine Design

Sent The Design To OEM And Told Them That We Are Ready With The Design To Manufacture The Turbine Blade And We Will Replace Them, We Cancel The Enquiry.

Within A Week Time, OEM Sent Their Representative To The Negotiation Table And Sorted Out All The

Discrepancies, Provided Very Good Discount And Deal Was Closed Smoothly And Our Clients Saved Several Crores In One Such Bold Step With The Technical Know-How.

Lesson Learnt From This Incident

1. Knowledge Need Not Be Developed Only Through Education

2. If Mind Decides, Everything Is Possible It Is All Ways Mind Play

3. Self-Learning Is More Important Than Certificate

4. Hard Work – Smart Work Both Are Required For Life, Hard Word Alone Will Never Give Great 5. Got Great Promotion With Good Salary Hike.


  1. We Saved Several Crores To Our Nation
  2. Customer Is Very Satisfied
  3. I Got Double Promotion With Great Salary Hike

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