Actual Situation

It Was The Year 2015, Dec 1, Heavy Rain Like Cloud Burst, 49 CM Showers Of Rain In Chennai, I Was In Coimbatore 500 Km Away From Chennai.
Heavy Flood In Entire City, Every Road Is Flooded With Different Level Of Water, No Train, No Bus,

Inside Airport


My Wife Is In Tirupathi, My Two Loved School-Going Sons Are Alone In A Home In Chennai, Hoping I Will Be Back Home Before Night.
I Must Be In-Home, With Them For Their Safety.
My Flight Landed At Chennai Airport At 6:30 PM It Was The Last Flight Landed.
From Airport To My Home It Is JUST 30 MINUTES Drive, Just 14 Kms
In Airport Is Already Water Running Like A River, Almost Water Is Submerged The Flight Tire
Must Reach Home, Because 2 Sons Are There Alone, Surrounded By Water.

Hurdles And Solutions

Hurdle 1: No CAR Available Inside Airport Taxi, Because The Entire City Is Submerged
Hurdle 2: Still Raining, Came Out The Main Road For Bus – But No Buses
Hurdle 3: Went To Railway Station – No Train
There Are 1000s Of People Standing On The Road To Catch Something To Go Home, I Decided To Walk And Do Some Progress, Walked For 500 Meters, No One Came With Me, To My Surprise, One Share Auto Took A U-Turn And Came With 5 Passengers, I Got Inside Drove Through The Water, Run Like A Boat In The Water.
It Took Almost 3 Hours To Travel 10 Kms (Station Name Called Tambaram)
Now Balance 6 Kms To Travel, Full Of Water, Around 5,000 People Are Standing In Bus Stand And Railway Station,
Hurdle 4: Went To Railway Station – No Train, No Bus, No Cars, No Autos, No Transport
The Same Strategy, Started My Journey By Walk, Wants Some Progress No One Not Even Tried Of Moving A Bit And Blamed One Another, I Just Walked 750 Meters, Same Surprise, Another Share Auto, He Says Will Drop Only Next 4 Kilometers After That We Cannot Travel Because Of Water-Filled Everywhere, OK Understood To Face The Challenge, Face It With Brave, Only If You Take Next Step, It Will Be Possible To Get Next Step, Else We Will Stagnate.
It Took Almost 2 Hrs To Travel That 4 Kms.
Next 2 Kms More Crucial, My Sons Are Alone, They Are In Fear Of Rain And Water Level Increasing, Calling Me, Some Time Phone Is Reachable Some Time Not, I Must Reach Home.
Hurdle 5: Now No Other Way Then Go By Walk, Called My Great Friend, Suresh, He Is In Another Side, His Car Cannot Come To This Side, So I Decided To Walk Again With Hip Height Water, My Love And Affection On My Sons Pushing Me To Reach Home For Their Rescue, Finally Reached The Car.
Went To My Friend’s Home, Had Dinner, From My Friend Home To My Home 1 Km We Started.
Hurdle 6: After 500 Meters, There Is Clear Evidence That The Car Cannot Go Further, So No Other Way Than Walking, Waled For 200 Meters, It Is Full Of Dark, Some People Standing With Some Torchlight And Waving Their Hands And Shouting, I Was Able To Only See Them, But Not Able To Listen, I Am Approaching Them When I Was To Hear Them They All Shouting, Don’t Come, This Lake Water Is Flowing Here With Heavy Force And Just Now One Person Has Pulled Away With This Force, But I Told Them That I Must Cross This Because My Sons Are Alone In The Home, I Requested Them To Bring 2 Good Ropes, They Brought Them,

  1. I Asked Them To Tie One Rope On The Pole At Another Side, It Is Just 10 Meters Width, What I Have To Cross, I Tie Another Side In Telephone Pole At My Side (Primary Safety)
  2. I Used 2nd Rope To Tying Me And Gave The Other End To Hold It Firmly ( Secondary Safety)
    I Hold The Rope Tied Between Two Poles Firmly And Walked The Forced Water With Chest-Level Water And Crossed The Water, Reached Home Around Midnight. After Seeing Boys, All The Hurdles Become A Great Adventure And Understood The Value Of Love And Affection By Boys
    Out Of About 5000 People Who Stagnated At One Particular Place Only 10 People, Who Took The Next Step Reached Their Destination

Lesson Learned

  1. If You Take One Step Towards Your Goal, Universe Will Help You To Take The Next Step
  2. The Only Person Who Has The Will To Do Will Do
  3. Talking Will Not Serve You, Only The Action Will
  4. Around Us, There Are People To Help, But We Have To Make Our Step Out To Get The Help
  5. Consistency, Persistence, Faith, Hope, With A Willingness To Take Action, Will Get Success, Others Will Stay At The Same Place, Blaming Others
    Final Result

Became A Person Who Takes Action And Succeeds Even In The Hardest Situation By Taking The Risk, Which Is An Important Character To Become An Entrepreneur
With These Life-Changing Lessons, I Started My Own Company On Engineering Services Called Infinite Solutions, Where We Give Solutions To Mechanical & Automotive Problems

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