6 Trillion Economy Dream?

Is It Possible For India?

Is It A DayDream?

No, Not At All,

Because We Are Not Inferior To Any Of The Europe Countries.

In Skills, In Talents, In Knowledge, In Wisdom We Have Proved In Many Ways To The World That How Capable We Are.

What Are The Befits Of Individual People, If We Achieve 6 Trillion?

The Direct Answer Is When GDP Increases, Our Per Capita Increases, When Our Per Capita Increases, Our Life Standard Increases, Our Future Generation Developments Are Ensured.

One Of The Road Block

But There Are Many Roadblocks, One Of The Roadblocks Is The Skillset Of Our Engineering Colleges Students. There Is A Huge Gap Between The Skillset For Industry Need & College Supply

Map The Gap

Traditionally In Engineering Colleges For Final Year Projects, We Team Up With The Same Department Students For Projects, For Example, Mechanical Engineering Students Are Doing The Project With Their Mechanical Classmates, And Similarly, Electronics Students Are Doing The Project With Their Electronics Classmates.

We All Very Well Know That The World Is Changing A Lot, Industry 4.0 Have Started Dominating The World.

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics, And 3D Printers Are Replacing The Conventional Process

We Cannot Separate Engineering From One Domain To Another, Because Industry 4.0 Demands Knowledge In All The Engineering Domain


In This Advance Scenario, Our Technical Education System  Considers Doing The Projects By Building Cross-Department Teams For Final Year Project

For Example, A-Team Will Comprise Of Mechanical, Electronics, And Computer Science Students With The Task Of Producing Innovative Products Which Can Solve Industry Problems.

The Project Can Be 1 Full Year,  Solving   Real-Time Industry Problems With A Group Of Students From All The Departments And Conducting Researches

This Will Help Our Students To Get More Knowledge And Will Enhance Their Technical Skills

The Project Team Must Feel Proud To Be A   Part Of This Innovative Team And Doing A Great Project For Their Future

As A Mechanical Engineer, Working With Steel, Automotive, And Heavy Engineering Industry For Over 25 Years, I Strongly Believe That This Change Will Help Our Students To Acquire Great Knowledge And Make Them Face Real Industry Challenges

Industries Will Get Talented And Focused Engineers

This Can Bring More Innovative Ideas, Products, And New Brands To Our Country, Which Is The  Need Of An Hour

I Strongly Believe This Change Will Help Our Nation To Achieve The Dream Of Hitting 6 Trillion By The Year 2030.

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