About Me

Your Career Enhancement Is Between Your Mind And Your Action With Right Habits. Aim High, Work To Reach Top Most Position In The Company.

The Vision

Help, Empower, and enhance the career of Mechanical, Automotive, and Manufacturing Engineers making them live Happy, Healthy, prosperous, and blissful life


  • Converting Ordinary Engineers To Extraordinary Talented, Skillful, Healthy & Fortune Engineers.
  • Equipping Engineers To Fearlessly Compete With IITians, NITians & Top University Studied Engineers and reach the top position in your industry.
  • Inculcating The Importance Of Health And Ensuring Body, Mind, And Soul Works For Achieving Your Desired Life.
  • Pushing You to the Top 10% Performing Engineers Group
  • Handholding to start your entrepreneur Journey


  • Mechanical Engineer With 25+ Years Of Rich Industry And Technology Experience,
    Changed the life of 1000s of Mechanical and Automotive engineers, Enhanced their careers and life through consistent right efforts persistently.
  • Worked, Participated In Various Indian & International Projects
  • Recruited 1000s of Engineers for various mechanical and Automotive Industries.
  • Lead the Team of Engineers and Engineering Managers In the Ashok Leyland DOST Vehicle Development Project From Design To Proto Building.
  • Participated In India’s Defence Arjun Tank Transmission Development Project.
  • Participated In Johndeer Development Projects USA
  • Recruited 1000s of engineers for many industries as a member of the recruitment team
  • Being part of the recruitment team Knowing the psychology of the recruitment and management team
  • Participated in Benchmarking Project for one of the major OEM Truck before the truck is launched in India

About Your mentor

  • Worked With Various Major Steel, Automotive, Aerospace, And Heavy Engineering Projects
  • Currently Running An Engineering Services Company Called Infinite Solutions, Where We Are Giving One-Stop Solutions For Various Automotive And Mechanical Engineering Problems.
  • Transformed 1000s Of Mechanical And Automotive Engineers, Living A Happy Prosperous, And Blissful Life.
  • Recruited 1000s Engineers In His Career, Knows The Mentality Of HR And Technical Managers.
  • Found a Unique Method To Enhance Engineer’s Life With The Proven, Scientifically Developed Tools & Tactics.
  • Working On A Mission to Help, Empower And Enhance The Life Of 100,000 Mechanical & Automotive Engineers Making them Living Happy, Prosperous, And Blissful Life.

Why Choose Me

  • Empowered 1000s Of Mechanical And Automotive Engineers, Helped and Enhanced Their Career, Making Them Living Happy Prosperous, And Blissful Lives.
  • Set 3 Years of Career and Life Enhancement Goals, Efficiently, Smartly with Consistent Persistent Work, And Achieve Your Goal.
  • Preparing Your Mind, Body & Soul For Achieving Your Life Goal.
  • Enhance Important 3 Life Aspect, Career, Health & Finance.
  • Action – Achieve The Burning Desire.
  • Move From the Current Situation To Desired New Situation.
  • Only Engineers Mastermind Group For Achieving Every Engineer’s career and Life Goal.

Ready for Enhanced Career and Blissful Life.