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Hi Engineer, I am Raman Baskaran, an Engineer by Profession and a Mentor by passion. With Over 25 Years of Work Experience and Continous Learning, I can Proudly Say That I Have Created Huge Differences in the lives of many Mechanical and Automotive Engineers. I Have Shown Them It is Quite Easy To Dream, Work, and Achieve What They Deserve in Life in Simple Persistent Steps. Going a Step Further to Take This Life-Changing Message to 1000s of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers Out There. No Matter Where You Are in Your Career, I am Sure We can work together and make a sea change in your career enhancement and life enhancement.


Making the Life of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers in Their Companies Super Easy. Helping and empowering your Career and Growth within Your Company is more Rewarding. Grab From our Life-Changing Mentorship and Work With Industry Seniors as a Community to Learn, Branch Out, and Prosper

Do you Want New Challenges with New opportunities for your Career Growth? Then Jump to a new organization. It opens up a new Mindset, New Energy, New Environment, and New Challenges and you can find New You. Achieve your Desire life by moving to New Organization; let us learn the scientifically proven process to achieve the Great career Jump.

Do you Have the Experience, Confidence, and Resources to Move Ahead?
Then, Who can Stop You?, Our Mentorship will make you a Successful Entrepreneur. From Conception, Design, Regulatory Compliance, Operational Systems, Human Resources Planning, Marketing, and Sales Systems, We Work Alongside to Get That First Customer and Grow From There. All Vide Consulting and Mentoring.



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